Right now, in the early days of our son’s life, my wife is able to have essentially one focus: Ford Alexander. Nobody else can feed Ford. When he gets really upset, nobody but Whitney can comfort him. She wakes up in the middle of the night to feed him. She can’t go very far, or for very long, because he needs her. Mothers are a gift.

As I watch my wife selflessly love our children, I am reminded of the amazing impact mothers can have of their children. Whitney doesn’t just meet their physical needs, but is also working to meet their spiritual needs. Moms are spiritual giants who have the opportunity to shape the minds and beliefs of the entire human population. Moms, don’t miss the opportunity God has given you!

I preached this sermon on Mother’s Day. Perhaps it will be an encouragement to the moms out there. Its title is, “The Gospel Legacy of a Godly Mother.”