This past Sunday I mentioned in my sermon that Christmas should be a time of humility for Christians. (View that sermon here.) Specifically, I mentioned how Christians should not be so scandalized by those who do not celebrate Christmas as a Christian holiday, but that we should instead share the Gospel with them and pray for them.

Dr. Russell Moore, the dean of Southern Seminary and one of my professors, has written a fantastic piece that says what I was trying to say much more eloquently. Here’s an excerpt:

Flipping through magazines on an airplane the other day, I found myself sighing with irritation. An advertisement for Budweiser was tagged with the headline, “Silent Nights are Overrated.” A few minutes later, in a second magazine, I came across an ad for a high-end outdoor grill, which read: “Who says it’s better to give than to receive?”

My first reaction was one that I’ve critiqued in others, to take some sort of personal, or at least tribal, offense: “Would they advertise in Turkey during Ramadan with the line, ‘Fasting is Overrated?’ or by asking in India, ‘Who says everything is one with the universe?’”

I was missing the point—and that matters.

I want to encourage you to read the whole thing here.