What is a “Discipleship Dinner?”

This is a very simple concept. We gather together after church for a good meal. Then after the meal the kids go play while the parents enjoy a short 30 minute seminar on a key parenting issue. At the DD’s we plan to have resources to put in your hands and to give you action plans so your family can apply what you’ve heard.

Each DD will be different and focus on a different aspect of family life and discipleship. The themes for each DD will remain the same each year, but the focus will shift. For example, every year we will have a Biblical Parenting DD, but each year it will focus on a different stage of parenting, toddler, teenager, etc.

DD1- BIBLICAL PARENTING: This DD is designed to help us be more godly and effective parents in general. We will shift the focus each year between different age groups.

DD2- SCHOOL STRUGGLES: In this DD we will talk about handling the struggles parents face from having children in school. Again we will shift the focus between age groups so that we cover things like your child’s first day of school and also things like peer pressure to be sexually active.

DD3- FAMILY EVANGELISM: Every year we will give parents encouragement, training, and a plan for sharing the gospel with their children. This strategy changes with age and spiritual maturity, so too will the focus of our seminar.

DD4- TEACHING TEENS: You may think “I don’t have teens. I don’t need to come to this.” Well, I hope that you will. One day all of us will face the teen years and it’s good to be prepared. There are many levels to teaching and reaching teens so this seminar will shift focus annually as well.

When are the “Discipleship Dinners?”

We will try to space the DD’s out almost quarterly. Some will fall closer together than others.

For 2019 the dates are:

DD1- Apr 28: General Biblical Parenting, Resource: “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” by Tedd Tripp

DD2- Jun 30: Time and Technology: Balancing Devices and Discipleship, “The Tech-Wise Family” by Andy Crouch

DD3- Aug 25

DD4- Oct 20

Who is invited to the “Discipleship Dinners?”

Everyone with children and/or youth is invited. and if you want to come and don’t have kids in the Family Ministry at FBC Gadsden, then you’re welcome too. We want everyone to feel welcome and invited to every Discipleship Dinner no matter the topic. Part of the reason for the short 30 minute seminar is so you can feel comfortable attending even if you don’t feel like the topic speaks directly to your family at the current time. Let the kids play in the gym while you sit for a while!

Why are we doing “Discipleship Dinners?”

We have created a year long plan to help move our Family Ministry forward in 2019.The Discipleship Dinners are an attempt to get two birds with one stone.

First, we hope that they foster genuine fellowship among our Family Ministry families. In fact the whole event is designed around making it a fellowship building experience that all families can attend. Again, let me stress that everyone is invited. If our topic is “Biblical Parenting: the Toddler Years” and you only have a 16 year old in the Family Ministry, you are invited! If you just can’t stand the idea of sitting through a 30 minute seminar while your kid shoots hoops in the gym then you can leave after the meal, but I encourage everyone to attend. You would be surprised at what you can learn about parenting a teenager from a Toddler Parenting Seminar.

Second, the goal is find a time and a way that our Family Ministry can make a direct impact on your family without being a burden to your already busy schedule. We want to provide parents with some encouragement, training, tools/resources, and plan to carryout discipleship in your family. I know many of you just could not fit another regular church commitment into your schedule if you wanted to, but everyone eats Sunday Dinner. Why not come and eat together with our other young families and enjoy their company and give us just 30 minutes to dig into some key parenting issues together?