Changes due to Social Distancing:

Sadly, we are unable to continue our normal in-person Fellowship Lunches. However, there will be a short video series that will help accomplish some of what we were hoping to do with Fellowship Lunches. Look for “Marriage Matters” on the Church Facebook page coming soon.





What happened to “Discipleship Dinner?”

“Discipleship Dinner” is now “Fellowship Lunch.” Discipleship Dinners were great and many of you participated and benefited from those we did in 2019, but going forward we wanted to broaden the appeal of the event so that it reaches and includes more of our Young Adults and families. The format is pretty much the same: we gather after church for a good meal and I will share a resource with the group. The main differences are the name, and the seminar is replaced with a desert and coffee gathering. I will still share resources. In fact this year we are going to share more resources that last year! Every FL (Fellowship Lunch) I’ll have at least 2 resources free for the taking.

When are they?

March 15

May 17

August 23

October 18

Who is invited?

Everyone in our Family Ministry is invited: young adults and singles, young marrieds, families with children and everyone in between.

What is the goal?

First, we hope to foster genuine fellowship among our young adults and families. In fact the whole event is designed around making it a community building experience that everyone can attend.

Second, the goal is to find a time and a way that our Family Ministry can make a direct impact on your family without adding to your already busy schedule. We want to provide parents with some encouragement, training, tools/resources, and plan to carryout discipleship in your family. We want marriages to be strengthened, and we want everyone to grow in their spiritual life. I know many of you just could not fit another regular church commitment into your schedule if you wanted to, but everyone eats Sunday dinner. Why not come and eat together with our other families and enjoy their company and take home some highly recommended free resources?