Temporary Changes Due to Social Distancing

We now offer two Sunday School options:

1) We offer an online option that posts to Facebook (typically by about 2:00pm on Saturday) for you to watch from home.

2) As of Sept 13 we will offer an in-person class in the chapel at 9:30am on Sunday. We will maintain social distancing and have the same requests as we do for worship: maintain 6 ft apart, wear a mask entering and leaving, avoid shaking hands and other contact.

Sunday school at First Baptist is at 9:15 every Sunday. Our children’s and student’s classes are excellent and filled with caring, background checked volunteers who will love your children and help them have a great experience. For adults our goal is to provide “Word based community.” Our classes are designed to help you find and strengthen relationships with people in your life situation. Our classes are far more than just self-help tips on daily living. We center all our classes around the study of the scriptures in order to see God’s perspective for all of life.

Thank you for your patience during this time.



Normal Sunday School Programming:

See map at the bottom for class locations.

Children & Student Classes

Preschool (0-3 years) – 1st Floor Davis Children’s Building

Children (K4-5th grade) – 2nd Floor Davis Children’s Building

Students (6th-12 grade) – Family Life Center

Young Adults:

Young Couples Class- 1st Floor Cushing

Young Adults Class- 1st Floor Cushing

Median Adult Classes:

Sparks Class- Coed, 1st Floor Cushing

Inzer Class- Coed, 1st Floor Sanctuary Building – (Fellowship Hall)

Haller Class- Men, 1st Floor Cushing

Senior Adult Classes:

Grimes/ Any Person Class- Coed, 1st Floor Cushing

Ruth Class- Ladies, 1st Floor Cushing

Stivender Class- Men, 1st Floor Cushing

Friendship/Rejoice Class- Ladies, 1st Floor Davis

 All classes are on the bottom floor of the building except children K4-5th grade which are on the second floor of the Davis Children’s Building, in the Children’s World Village.