Dear Fellow Pastor,


Let me guess: last Sunday–Easter Sunday–was awesome. It was for us. Everybody showed up! and they brought people with them! I preached to more people than I have ever preached to as a senior pastor. The worship was fantastic. The fellowship was wonderful. Everyone was wearing pastel and seersucker and hats–and many even had on bow ties, which I took as the first fruits of my lasting legacy at FBC Gadsden. (I kid, I kid.)

Tomorrow morning, however, is not Easter. After months of preparation and prayer and hard work, Easter has come and gone. And, frankly, tomorrow will probably be back to normal. However, know that God is perfectly capable of doing more things among less people tomorrow morning. Wouldn’t that be just like God? Wouldn’t it be just like God to begin to prick the heart of a student for His glory among the nations on “just another day”? Wouldn’t it be just like God to use the sweet fellowship of an average Sunday to remind a struggling couple of the value of their marriage in His eyes? Wouldn’t be just like God to use ordinary means of His extraordinary grace over average Sunday after average Sunday after average Sunday to turn the world upside down? Isn’t it just like God to speak in a whisper and not a whirlwind?

Don’t be discouraged in the morning. The Kingdom of God is a mustard seed. and little days packed with little seeds that have been given a little water by a struggling preacher often produce mighty trees.

If you’re struggling with average days, let me encourage you to listen to this sermon by Ligon Duncan. It is one of the best sermons I have ever heard on pastoral ministry, and I know it will encourage you.