_MG_9287Connection Lunch

A few Sundays per year, we have a lunch after our worship service to introduce guests and visitors to our church. We recommend that you attend Connection Lunch so that you can learn more about First Baptist and what it means to be a member here!

New Christian Class

We offer this class on a regular basis for those who have recently professed faith in Christ, or who simply want to learn more about walking with Christ. This class includes information on how to get the most from reading the Bible, how to walk closely with Christ, and basic beliefs and theology.

Membership Class

We recommend that all prospective members take this class. It is an in-depth introduction to FBC’s theology, history, mission, and membership expectations. We often hold this class immediately following our Connection Lunch.


Becoming a Member

First Baptist Church is comprised of persons who profess a personal faith and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ, have received baptism according to the New Testament (immersion), actively follow the Lord Jesus Christ in discipleship and have been accepted for membership by affirmative vote of the church.

We have a simple way of helping you work through these criteria. Simply call or e-mail the church office to set up a meeting with Pastor Mat. This will be an informal time where you can discuss your salvation, baptism, and walk with Christ. It is also a great opportunity for you and Pastor Mat to get to know each other before you ever become a member!

Once you feel comfortable moving forward in the membership process, come forward during the invitation on a Sunday morning. Don’t be intimidated. By this point, you will already know Pastor Mat and probably at least a few of our members. We will introduce you to the church that morning. Our custom is to then vote new members in at our quarterly business meeting.

Our new members come to our church from one of these categories:

1. By Profession of Faith

A person publicly confessing personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, giving evidence of a regenerate heart and holding the views of the faith and practice held by the church, shall, upon baptism, be admitted into the fellowship of the church.

2. By Statement

Any person who has been baptized upon profession of faith in a Baptist church of like faith and order but who, because of loss of records or similarly unavoidable circumstances, has no regular letter, may be received into the membership.

3. By Letter

Any person from another Baptist church of like faith and order may be received into membership upon receipt of letter or transfer from that church.

4. By Baptism from Another Denomination

Any person who is saved, yet has not been baptized by immersion, can be baptized and join First Baptist Church.

If you have any questions about becoming a member at FBC Gadsden, then call the church office at (256) 547-6828 or e-mail Pastor Mat at malexander@fbcgadsden.org