Wednesdays 6:00pm

Fall 2020 Semester

Questioning Christianity

On-campus Training U classes are temporarily suspended, but you can join us live on Wednesday nights here on this page or on Facebook live.

This semester, Pastor Mat is leading a class called “Questioning Christianity.” Each week, we evaluate a different challenge to the Christian faith. Below are the videos for each week’s classes.


Recorded Lesson for 11/25

There will be no live feed here tonight. Watch this recorded lesson instead.


Live Feed


Week 1 – Introduction


Week 2 – Is it reasonable to believe in God?

Week 3 – What if there is no God?

Week 4 – Are the Gospels Reliable?

Week 5 – Should we take the Bible literally?


Week 6 – Can we Have Morality Without God?


Week 7 – Isn’t Christianity just a Western, white religion?


Week 8 – Doesn’t Christianity promote toxic views on gender?


Week 9 – Why does God care who I sleep with?

Part 1

Part 2


Week 10 – How can a good God allow suffering?


Week 11 – Does Christianity Make Sense of the World?


Week 12 – Why should I believe in the Resurrection?


Week 13 – Who is Jesus?


Week 14 – Why should I trust Jesus?